About Ganges

Our Name

Ganges: A simple word, often used in Indian and Well Known as a River: Ganges — A Great River named after Goddess Ganga .

Our Mission

Ganges Indian Cuisine brings you a variety of dishes from different regions of India. You can enjoy the warmth of Indian hospitality through its cuisine and a variety of beverages. It is not just a place to eat and drink, but to have fun and relax. It is our commitment to use fresh ingredients. We do not use any preservatives or food color.

Our Services

We’re one of the longest established family run Indian Restaurants in the area. Our success has stemmed from our values of offering deliciously authentic Indian cuisine, genuine value for money with a unrivalled personal service. Our menu is designed using century-old recipes by our family of chefs. We make almost everything ourselves using fresh, seasonal and sustainable produce that, wherever possible, is bought from local suppliers. Our takeaway and delivery service means you can enjoy all our fantastic Indian dishes from the comfort of your own home. We also offer private functions and outside catering for weddings and parties, simply drop us an email or call to find out more.


We cater for parties, office functions and special occasions; you can also use our 70 seating restaurant to host a party.

Home Delivery

• Free home delivery for orders above $60 up to 5km radius.
• A $4 delivery fee applies for up to 5km radius (minimum order $40).


Street parking available on Regency road, Robert Ave, Galway Ave .

We are Open 7 days

Dinner:5:00PM to 9:30PM from Tuesday to Sunday

Our Menu

Vegetarian Entrees
Mirchi Bajji$ 6.50
3 Stuffed chillies marinated with chickpea flour fried deep and served with saunt chutney.
Cocktail Samsosa$ 5.90
4 Triangular pastry parcels filled with spiced potatoes and peas.
Onion Paalak Pakoda (Spinach Croquettes)$ 6.90
Shredded spinach and chickpea flour marinated with its juice and spices of whole garam masala.
Makhi and Paneer Pakora’s$ 6.90
American corn and Paneer(cottage cheese) Sauted and deep fried in oil.
Veg Manchuria$ 7.50
All grated veggies marinated in corn flour deep fried and tossed in soya and hot chilli sauce.
Assorted Pakoras$ 6.90
Cauliflower, Eggplant, Potato.
Aloo Tikki(3pcs)$ 6.90
Mashed Potatoes Stuffed with spicy lentils and fresh spices sautéed in a pan.
Non Vegetarian Entrees
Gilafi Seekh Kebab$ 6.90
Succulent Lamb minced, marinated with Indian herbs and coated with chopped capsicum & Ginger Garlic in tandoori oven.
Chicken Tikka$ 6.90
Tandoori Chicken marinated in Indian spices and cooked in Oven.
Chicken Manchuria$ 8.90
Chicken mince and mash potatoes sorted in the pan and blended with corn flour and beaten eggs.
Lamb Chops$ 8.90
Juice part of lamb is marinated in Ginger & Garlic, Indian Spices and then roasted in tandoor.
Chilli Chicken$ 8.90
Chicken Cubes Marinated and deep fried, tossed with garlic, capsicum and Sweet & Sour sauce.
Tandoori chicken$8.90(half)-$15.90(full)
Tender chicken marinated in yoghurt and authentic Indian spices, cooked in tandoor
Tandoori mix platter$ 16.90
Squid marinated with squeezed lemon, Indian herbs and hung curd and gently roasted in tandoor, 2 chicken Tikka,2 lamb chops, 2 seekh kebab’s.
Beef Croquettes(3pcs)$ 8.90
Beef fillet minced and marinated in Garlic, Onion and black pepper coated with corn flour and deep fried.
Vegetarian main Curries
Chana masala$ 12.90
Soaked chickpeas cooked in Tomato, Cumin, Coriander powder and Kadai Masala gravy.
Paalak Paneer$ 12.90
Paneer (Indian cheese) cubes cooked in spinach, tomatoes with onion based gravy.
Daal Makhani$ 12.90
Soaked Black gram (Rajma), gently cooked and garnished with cream fresh butter.
Malai Kofta$ 12.90
Cottage cheese (Paneer) and potatoes dumpling cooked in tomato, kaju gravy and finished with cream.
Cauliflower pepper fry$ 12.90
Cauliflower boiled and tempered in onion masala gravy and finished with curry leafs and red chillies. Recommended for spice lovers.
Kadai Paneer$ 12.90
Paneer and capsicum tossed with Indian spices cumin, Coriander powder and cooked in rich Almond gravy.
Bhindi Achari$ 12.90
Fried Bhindi (Okra) cooked in vindaloo paste. Recommended for spice lovers.
Egg and Eggplant Masala$ 12.90
Boiled egg peeled and cooked with eggplant tomato and Spanish onion in ginger garlic paste.
Veg lababdar$ 12.90
Cottage cheese and veggies cooked in kadai gravy.
Eggplant Potato Curry$ 12.90
Eggplant and potatoes cooked in tomato based gravy.
Vegetable Roganjosh$ 12.90
vegetables gently cooked in Kashmiri traditional brown Onion gravy. Recommended for spice lovers .
Bhagara Baigan$ 12.90
Eggplant cooked until it release out juices with tempered tomato gravy.
Aloo Beans with Methi$ 12.90
Tomato and white gravy cooked in slow fire with Potato and Beans, crushed with fresh fenugreek leafs.
Bhindi Masala$ 12.90
Deep fried Bhindi (okra) cooked in onion masala gravy.
Panch rang daal$ 12.90
Five varieties of lentils cooked and tempered with onion Masala.
Vegetable Jalfaraji$ 12.90
Julian Vegetables tossed in onion gravy and seasoned with cumin powder.
Chicken Main Course Curries
Saag Chicken$ 13.50
Chicken cooked in tempered spinach puree blended in cream.
Chicken Korma$ 13.50
Chicken cooked in exceptional flavoured white curry sauce & nuts.
Chicken vindaloo$ 13.50
A western Indian dish, Chicken cooked with Indian spices and red chillies, recommended for spice lovers.
Chicken Madras$ 13.50
Roasted Indian spices grounded and cooked with chicken, coconut milk and curry leaf.
Methi Chicken$ 13.50
Chicken masala cooked in fresh fenugreek leafs, tomatoes and finished in cinnamon powder.
Mango Chicken$ 13.50
Mango dices cooked with chicken and coconut pulp with cardamom and mustered oil.
Tawa Tikka Masala$ 13.50
Boneless chicken Jullient pieces sauteed on a hot plate with Kadai masala.
Coriander Chicken Curry$ 13.50
Fresh coriander and garlic sauteed gravy cooked in Chicken masala.
Andhra Chicken$ 13.50
It’s a South Indian traditional dish, Chicken cooked with coconut gravy, onions, tomatoes and coriander powder, sprinkled with garam masala.
Butter Chicken$ 13.50
Marinated Chicken Fillets roasted in Tandoor cooked in almond and tomato sauce.
Pepper Chicken$ 13.50
Chicken cooked in kadai gravy with crushed pepper. Recommended for spice lovers.
Kadai Chicken$ 13.50
Chicken cubes sauteed with capsicum, onions in Kadal grounded masala, coriander & cumin powder.
Chicken with Chana$ 13.50
Chickpeas & chicken marinated with Indian spices, cooked in a tomato based gravy & coconut flavour.
Lamb Main course Curries
Rogan josh$ 13.90
Tradition josh, Kashmiri Lamb cooked in brown onion Masala.
Saag Gosht$ 13.90
Cubes of Lamb, fresh spinach & spices, garnished with fresh coriander.
Lamb Korma$ 13.90
Lamb cooked in rich Almond gravy and finished with cream.
Lamb Vindaloo$ 13.90
Lamb curry enhanced with red hot flavour, recommended for spice lovers.
Lamb Madras$ 13.90
Lamb cooked in special spices dry pepper and coconut based sauce.
Eggplant Lamb$ 13.90
Lamb dices cooked with eggplant and potatoes in whole Dhaniya powder and onion masala.
Lamb Pepper Fry$ 13.90
Lamb marinated in ginger & garlic sauce, sauteed in onion masala with bay leaves until dry, sprinkled with pepper, coriander & cumin powder.
Goat Main course Curries
Saag Gosht (Goat)$ 13.90
Cubes of goat, fresh spinach & spices, garnished with fresh coriander.
Ginger Mutton$ 13.90
Shredded Ginger and chopped spring onions cooked with goat in kadai masala.
Gongura Mutton$ 13.90
Rosella leafs cooked in goat and tomatoes finished with fresh coconut and cloves spices.
Beef Main Course Curries
Beef Madras$ 13.90
Beef cooked in special spices dry pepper and coconut based sauce.
Beef Korma$ 13.90
Beef cooked in rich Almond gravy and finished with cream.
Beef Vindaloo$ 13.90
Beef curry enhanced with red hot flavour, recommended for spice lovers.
Beef dry fry$ 13.90
Beef cooked & deep fried with crushed curry leaf and black pepper.
Sea Food Main Curries
South Indian Fish Curry$ 16.90
its Mouth watering dish, fish cooked in tamarind, coconut pinch of jaggery.
Prawn Pepper masala$ 16.90
Prawn cooked in spicy masala gravy and crushed with pepper and curry leafs, garnished with fresh coconut.
Methi Prawn$ 16.90
Prawns cooked in fresh fenugreek leafs, tomatoes and finished in cinnamon powder.
Prawn Malabar$ 16.90
Garlic marinated Prawn Cooked in thick Coconut Milk.

Chinese Varieties
Vegetarian Spring Rolls(3pcs)$ 6.50
Chicken Spring Rolls(3pcs) $ 6.50
Schezuan Noodles (Med Spicy) $ 10.90
Ganges Special Chicken Fried Rice$ 11.90
Vegetable Fried Rice$ 10.90
Indian Breads
Plain Naan $ 3.00
Garlic Naan $ 3.50
Roti $ 3.00
Paneer Aloo Paratha$ 3.50
Corn and Cheese Naan$ 3.50
Peshwari Naan$ 3.50
Plain Rice $3.00(S)-$3.50(L)
Steamed basmati rice
Saffron Rice $3.50(S)-$4.00(L)
Vindaloo Rice$ 5.50
Rice cooked in Vindaloo sauce and seasoned with butter and pepper
Green Peas Pulav$ 6.50
Long grain basmati rice cooked with bouquet garni (Cardamom, mace and mint), added green peas, altogether sealed and DUM
Keema Rice$ 6.90
Keema sautéed in Indian ghee with brown onions, mint, dry cashew nuts and cooked with rice.
Mint Pickle$ 2.00
Sweet mango Chutney$ 2.00
Date and Tamarind $ 2.00
Pappadams (6) $ 3.00
Raita $ 3.00
Gulab Jamun(3 pieces) with or without Ice cream $ 4.50
Almonds and Pistachios Kulfi$ 3.50

Veg Biryani$ 12.50
Basmati Rice cooked with selection of seasonal vegetables, fragrant spices, herbs and cashew nuts.
Chicken Hyderabad DUM Biryani with Raita$ 13.90
Marinated chicken kept for few hours with hung curd and potli masala (9 spices in a bouquet garnet) and cooked with half boiled basmati rice in a DUM style with golden fried onions garnished with mint leaves.
Lamb Biryani$ 12.90
Lamb pieces cooked with basmati rice, brown onions, herbs, rose water, ground spices and mace and bay leafs .
Beef Biryani$ 12.90
Beef cooked with basmati rice, brown onions, herbs, Rose water, ground spices, mace and bay leafs.
Chicken Dum Biryani ....Thur - Sun Only$ 13.90

Kids Menu
Fish and Chips with Kids Juice$ 9.90
Chicken Nuggets and Chips with Kids Juice$ 9.90
Butter Chicken with Rice and Juice$ 11.90

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Feel free to email us to provide some feedback on our Food or to just say hello!

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